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WSOP 2005 - June 6th, by Peter Costa

WSOP 2005 - June 6th, by Peter Costa As you may well know - Limit Hold’em has proven to be a great distraction for me over the last three years or so. In fact, I doubt if there is anyone with a better record in these events. So please forgive me for being just a little more confident every time I play these Limit events. I guess that with over 1,000 players to beat- it can’t hurt to have such an approach.

In past articles, I have gone in to great depths about the tight style that I apply for Limit Hold’em. Well, I can tell you that nothing changed for this one. In fifteen hours of play on the first day - I played a total of 16 hands and won 12 of them. By coincidence, the four that I lost where all monster drawing hands and in multi-way action. I would imagine that the odds of missing all of these draws were very high. And because of these misses, I was coming back on the second day with a low stack. With 33 players remaining, only four of them had less. Making the final would not be easy - especially as I was starting on the big blind. With 20,00 to play with and blinds at 1500-3000, playing 3000-6000 - my first hand would need to be a winning one. It was, and I had a chance!

The next two or three levels really tested my patience as I was still hovering around the 25,000 mark. Finally the patience pays off and I get dealt K-K in a three-way pot. Having recently lost with K-K in three major events - you can imagine my delight that the hand actually stood up. Then K-K came to rescue one more time against 9-9 - I really had a chance now. In fact, I found myself as one of the big stacks with 16 players remaining. By the time we made the final 10 - I was at average chips with 150,000.

With Limit, the only way to try and reduce the luck factor, is to play with the best hand. I could not have asked for much more in the two hands that followed. A-7 clubs makes an all-in raise. The small blind (SB), holding J-Q tries to get it heads-up by re-raising. Finding Ah-Jh on the big blind - I had no problem in calling the extra bets. Flop of J-K-X and the SB bets - I call. Turn is a blank and a check from the SB - I now like my hand and bet. The river Q seals it for the J-Q.

The same player now calls my raise with J-Q again. Only this time, I have A-A and flop another on an A-T-2 rainbow flop. Of course the King hit’s the turn and my chance to win this event has gone. I just about hang on to see the two low stacks get busted and increase my position to 7th. Obviously, there is some disappointment on missing out on the bracelet. However, I would find it difficult to be upset at the outcome. After all, there will be other opportunities to come. Also, since the event will be televised - my sponsors, PokerPlex will be delighted. In all honesty, I could not have played this event any better.

My next event will be on Saturday - check back for more reports.

Until then - play well, get lucky and beware of the J-Q!

Peter “The Poet” Costa


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