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WSOP 2005 - June 11th, by Peter Costa

WSOP 2005 - June 11th, by Peter Costa Having finished seventh in the 4th event ($1500 Limit Hold’em), I had to take a trip back to the UK for a couple of days. I must admit that this was not a trip that I was looking forward to. Also, having to miss five of the events hurt a little. However, at least I would be back in time for the next Limit Holdem.

We started the $2.000 Limit with well over 500 players - so it was a great surprise to have Daniel Negreanu sitting next to me. Daniel has always been a favorite of mine (even before I could even spell or pronounce his name properly) and is always great fun to play with. However, as this was limit - it rather restricted the moves or plays that we could get up to. This was also a shame for the watching crowd that gathered around the rail to watch. But what can you do when the game is Limit and playing at 25-25 blinds?

With little action going on, Daniel and I started talking about various things, including how we first met at a poker table a few years earlier. As I recall, Daniel had just recently won his first WSOP bracelet. He just happened to be wearing it during an event at the Mirage (it was a $300 buy-in special that used be run on a Sunday). Anyhow….we had reached the last two tables and Daniel and I were sitting next to each other. As everyone else folded, I limped on the small blind and Daniel moved all-in on the big blind. With Daniel low in chips - I didn’t really expect any other move from him. With chips to spare - I instantly called and turned over Jd-8d. Daniel threw over J-6os.

Daniel then went on about what a great read I had on him to call so quickly. Great read? What the hell was he on about? I explained to him that I had no idea what his hand was. I was just simply pissed that the strong lighting was causing a reflection from his bracelet, straight into my eyes! What else could I do but to try to bust him? Daniel laughed and applauded at what was obviously a light-hearted joke. We have been on good terms ever since.

Anyway… back to the poker. Daniel struggled early on - but he put that right by making a flush on the river with the 6d-4d and winning a big pot. I on the other hand, was always ahead of the game and looked sure see off a large percentage of the field. Well, that was the case. However, with about 150 remaining - the losing big hands just kept coming. If it wasn’t bad enough to lose with K-K four times (the only four times I had the hand) during the six hours play - losing with a set of Queens against 8-8 - was just too much! But the 8-8 did make a straight flush at least. Add that to losing with A-A to 5-5, after flopping a set - it was obviously not my day. Just hope I get some of these hands in my next event which will be the $5K NL in couple of days time - or do I?

Until next time - play well, get lucky and don’t just only play K-K in Limit!

Peter “The Poet” Costa


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