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WSOP 2005 - July 6th, by Peter Costa

WSOP 2005 - July 6th, by Peter Costa Seventeen of us returned for the climax of the $10,000 PLO event. I was in action on the first hand when the low chips (10K) moved all-in. On the BB, I had an easy call to make for another 6K with J-J-7-6. With a board of 3-3-8 and another three on the turn - my opponent was drawing dead on the river. - good start!

The second hand I played mystified me somewhat - having raised to12K with Ad-9d-Kh-8h -Todd Brunson decides to go all-in for another 17K with 9-J-Q-K (I think it was rainbow). Holding around 135K at the time - it was plainly obvious to Todd that there would be now way that I would be folding to the re-raise. Having played with Todd many times in the last year - I was surprised that he would commit with such a hand in that spot. He is normally far more selective as to when he goes all-in. Anyhow - of course I lost the hand (hence the moan) and was back to square one.

With no leeway - the next hand I played would prove crucial to my chances in winning this event. Having tip-toed my way through the first two days - each hand now needed major commitment. Well, I could not have asked for a better spot when I got involved with Vinnie Vinh. With a flop of Kd-Td-6s and holding Ks-Tc-Ad-4d - I was in great shape when Vinnie called my bet on the flop. His hand of Qd-Q-6d-5 - was drawing to just four outs. Another six hit and I was suddenly the low stack with just 7K. Even though I increased this to 66K - I could not complete the fight-back and got busted in 12th place.

It has been an incredible tough few weeks here at the Rio. Having made so many late nights - I am really looking forward to a few days rest before the big one.

Overall, I’m very pleased at how I have played. My four cashes (one final table) have gone some way in reflecting the focus and energy that I put into the game. And though I am disappointed that I bubbled close to several other cashes - I cannot have too many complaints. Anyway - we still have the biggie to come!

Until next time - play well, get lucky and give them no outs at all!

Peter “The Poet” Costa


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