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Aussie Millions - Day 4 and 5, by Peter Costa
Sponsored by Poker Plex
Not much happened for me in the Omaha except that I was re-raised all-in twice during the re-buy - both times by KK when I holding AA. And just to prove that odds are sometimes meaningless in poker - the same thing happened later on in the event. I lost all three and I was gone early. However, I was delighted that “Mad‘ Marty Wilson went on to win it for the Brits.

The next day saw us switch back to NLH and to a $1,000 freeze-out. We began on time but with a couple of seats still empty. This was to prove significant and disappointing for none other than Marcel Luske. Marcel, who just recently won the European Player of the year award, joined the table one hand after the other empty seat was filled. However, on Marcel’s first hand, it became clear that both players had sat in the wrong seats. To cut a long story short, Marcel insisted that the hand - in what should have been his seat - should not be killed and that he be allowed to play it. After a little discussion, he was allowed to switch to his designated seat with the hand still live - even though the other player in his seat had seen the hand. In return, that player’s hand was killed.

Marcel liked the J-9h and had no trouble calling a small pre-flop raise. He then called a bet on the flop and a bigger one the turn. Marcel had actually flopped an open-ended straight and a flush draw. However, luck was against him and he missed everything. Faced with a check after the river, Marcel decided on an all-in steal but was quickly called. It was sad to see him exit before he even had time to settle down in to his seat. As ever, I had looked forward to a lot of fun and banter from him - he really is a joy to have on the table.

But fun is never too far away here in Melbourne - the locals make sure of that. And if that was not enough, enter the one and only, “Mad” Marty. It soon became apparent that Marty was still very much buoyant from his previous night’s win. He proceeded to bluff a few hands and was playing some great poker. This was highlighted by his fourth bluff. Having limped with three others, the flop of 9-2-2 brought some action between Marty and one of the young local players. The turn brought a 5 and more action between the two. The river was another 2 and Marty bet again. The young Aussie, holding pocket sevens, re-raised. Marty quickly moved all-in. His opponent reluctantly mucked his full-house and Marty threw over Q-9os. There maybe a lot of mind games around - but when poker is played in this manner, it takes some beating.

The main event here is slowly filling up and a field of 250 is expected. First prize should be AUD$1M. The credit for this must go to the staff here at the Crown. They have worked tirelessly for the last three months to ensure that this event is a success. It may be a long way to come for a game poker - but totally worth it.

Until next time, play well, get lucky and enjoy life!

Peter “The Poet” Costa


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