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Various Styles of Playing Poker, by Peter Costa is proud to introduce a new series of articles by acclaimed world-class Poker player Peter Costa, nicknamed The Poet.

Peter Costa is the only player to be nominated for both the 2002 and 2003 European Player of the year award. He enjoyed phenomenal success in the US during that time when he picked up over $115,000 in a $300 Limit Hold’em event in LA and $112,000 for a Las Vegas Limit Hold’em tournament.

He found fantastic form at the 2002 Hall Of Fame at Binions, Las Vegas, following up a third and second in Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Hold’em events with victory in the main event, $5,000 NLH, picking up first place and over $100,000. Everyone saw his brilliant heads up display in winning the final series of Late Night Poker.

Peter also picked up A$394,000 when he won the Aussie Millions in 2003. He also holds the World record for winning against the biggest ever field (1166) for a Limit Hold’em event that was held at the Orleans Casino in July 2003.

Read the first article on Various Styles of Playing Poker at today!

Various Styles of Playing Poker
By Peter Costa

Apart from helping poker to explode on to the world stage, the World Poker Tour (WPT) has given the masses of part-time and home players an insight into how the big boys play this wonderful game.

Apart from being an eye-opener; this has led to many a discussion about the various styles of play; and in particular, the question of which one is best? Is it the “let’s get some chips quick’” strategy with a very real possibility of not making the first break? Or, the “I refuse to get busted“ style of play, that would probably give you more of a chance of progressing to the late stages?

Everyone has their own point of view. But which is the right one?

In truth, all styles work and all styles fail. Why? Because whatever works one day, may fail the next. So what is the answer? Is there an answer? I began to think about this by going over in my mind about some of my major victories of the last couple of years. I don’t know if I have found the answer to it, but I can at least shed some light as to what it takes to win a tournament.

Therefore, as a form of introduction to those that don’t know me, over the next few weeks I will focus on some of the tournaments that I have been lucky enough to win. This is not an ego trip on my behalf, but more of an insight into how each tournament required a different approach in order to achieve the result.

The tournaments I have chosen include both Limit and No Limit Holdem. Through looking at these in depth, I think we may conclude that a poker player will need to use varied styles play at different stages during an event. This includes steady and calculated play to protect the stack as well taking the bull by horn and trying to make something happen when the cards have other ideas. After all, it’s not very often when the cards alone will guide you to that precious first place. When that does happen, poker is easy. But as we know, if we want to become regular tournament winners, we need to find that something special.

Until next time, play well, get lucky and enjoy life!

Peter “The Poet” Costa


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