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Interview with Huutin Pham,
winner of a seat in the Poker Plex Caribbean Poker Classic Tournament, to be held in St. Maarten December 5th.

Poker Plex: Describe the tournament in which you won your place to the Caribbean Poker Classic.

“Firstly, I won a $30 tournament against 10 people to qualify for the satellite tournament to win a trip to the Caribbean and a seat at the Poker Classic. Then in the Satellite tournament, I was up against 38 people from all over the world and it was a really tough tournament with a lot of good players and I consider myself real lucky to have won. In such a large tournament with so many people there are a lot of decisions you have to make. I mean, do you try to survive and let people wipe themselves out or do you play a lot of hands in order to build up your chips to stay competitive and be a threat to the other players.”

Poker Plex: How did you feel when you won the tournament at Poker Plex?

“Well, I still remember the hand that finished off my last opponent. I had a huge chip lead and felt my opponent was going to do a few rash all in’s in an attempt to steal the blinds and to double up his chips. So, I just waited for the right opportunity to finish him off and it happened when he went all in with ace 5 and I called with pocket 6’s. After the river card, I was one relieved and happy guy. It was the first time I had ever won such a big tournament and it was extremely satisfying. I thank Poker Plex for holding such tournaments and giving people like myself the opportunity to go to the Caribbean and also to play in a huge Poker tournament.”

Poker Plex: Are you a professional Poker player, or is it a recreational activity?

“I am definitely not a professional poker player. I just started playing poker a few months ago online and have never played in a live tournament. I play mainly because I have been watching poker tournaments on T.V and just wanted to give it a try. Now I’m hooked, I play primarily for fun but any extra cash is always good.”

Poker Plex: How old are you?

“I won my seat to the Caribbean five days before I turned 33 so it was like an early birthday present.”

Poker Plex: How many hands do you play on average per month?

“I normally just play 4 or 5 tournaments a night when I get the chance.”

Poker Plex: What’s your favourite Poker game? ( Texas Hold ‘em/Omaha High Low, etc)

“Texas Hold’em is the only game I play, the no limit, makes things exciting and always keeps you on your toes knowing the next hand may be your last if your not careful.”

Poker Plex: Do you prefer ring games or tournaments?

“I find tournaments are better than ring games, it is more structured. But I also believe that you must play differently from the way you play in ring games to tournaments.”

Poker Plex:What’s your advice to other players on the best way to improve Poker skills?

“Stay calm at all times, accept and expect that you are going to take a few Bad Beats. Let your cards do the betting and not your emotions. Also, with tournament play, I think you have to play conservatively to survive the early rounds of the small blinds and let a few people get knocked out, then once the blinds starts to get big it’s time to be more aggressive and to take down as many blinds and pots as you can.”


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